United Tile

Monet flooring showcases United tile on our showroom floor for the comprehensive and creative tile/stone products they offer. Their products are known for keeping up with current trends along with classic design. In keeping with their quality manufacturing, United now offers top-quality engineered hardwood.

Plank looks like handcrafted wood yet is made to be affordable. United’s Plank series offers a variety of designs; 2-tone custom stain for rich depth, rustic distressed, random width using classic French oak, Birch, Maple and Hickory.

Durability is sealed with a custom 8-coat American Valspar stain and finish. American Valspar contains no added formaldehyde, ammonia or heavy metals.

United Tile supplies Monet Flooring & Design with top of the line tile, stone, metal, glass and hardwood.

United partners with EPA Green Power. As a result, they have significantly lowered their electricity consumption. They are also involved as members of Renewable Northwest Project. RNP contributes to the active use of solar, wind, and geothermal energy in our beautiful NW area.

Monet Flooring partners with companies that practice responsible environmental suppliers. We support organizations that promote responsible forestry and land-use programs, along with products that use recycled ingredients.