Mohawk Industries

Today our representative from Mohawk Industries, a well-spoken family man named Jason came in to educate us on Mohawk’s advanced patented Nano technologized carpet called Smart Strand. WOW!

First, let’s acknowledge the wise words that rarely fail to be true, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. This is one of the moments where it does not apply. Reason being the amazing DuPont technology called Nanoloc (access TED Talk Nano Tech coating DuPont) which is a spill and soil shield for quick and easy cleanup. Smart Strand can actually claim 0% moisture absorption reducing musty, dingy odors mostly caused by moisture. Another great feature this product can tout is an All Pet Protection and Warranty. To make his point Jason showed us a utube show called Smart Strand Zoo Challenge that confirmed the claims this product’s manufacturer boasts of.

I personally saw with my own eyes the exceptional durability Smart Strand exhibits. Jason poured a bottle of (cheap) red wine into a fish tank whereupon he placed the Mohawk Smart Strand sample. 30 minutes later he put in the industry-leading protected solution-dyed nylon sample. Within 15 minutes (remember the Smart Strand has been stewing now for 45 minutes) Jason removed the now sodden wine-soaked competitor’s piece. He rinsed it with water and it was now a ruined piece of carpet. He removed the Smart Strand, wiped it with a paper towel and within a couple minutes it looked untouched!

Additionally, this high-tech performance carpet comes in such plush, soft lines brand named Smart Strand Silk. This is best coupled with Mohawk’s 8-pound antimicrobial padding for extra durability and luxury.