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Three Easy Remodeling Hacks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger 150 150 Johnathan

Three Easy Remodeling Hacks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

So it’s time for a bathroom remodel and yours is just too small. It’s not always easy to just knock down some walls in your home and make the bathroom bigger. Actually, this is just not an option most of the time. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your small bathroom seem much much bigger with just a few changes. Keep these in mind the next time you’re planning a small bathroom remodel.


We all know that mirrors belong in the bathroom. The obvious reasons are for makeup, shaving, doing your hair, checkingbigmirrorbathroom yourself out before a party (or during the party if you’re hosting), etc. Mirrors serve another pretty cool purpose, though. A mirror in any room in your house makes that room seem a lot bigger. Some glass above the sink with which to do your makeup and maybe one more floor mirror for clothing or full body viewing can add a ton of visual space to your bathroom.

Recess Time

recessed bathroom mirrorShelves take up so much more space than we actually realize. You can’t stand there or put anything else there. There are some really innovative ways to remove shelving, however, and my favorite is simply just building recesses into the walls of your bathroom. Not only do you save space by not having to build shelves out into the space of the bathroom, but it looks extremely modern as well. Recessed shelves are also great for the shower. You no longer need to worry about knocking shampoo bottles over and your stuff gets to stay dry. In addition to the recessed shelving, a curved shower rod will actually add a bunch of space to your shower as well. It requires actual screws into the wall(as opposed to just being a tension rod), but this means you don’t need to worry about weight pulling it down.


White or light colors make spaces feel bigger. Using white or cream-colored tiles for your floors and wall can make a bathroom far more spacious. This is magnified by the mirrors we mentioned earlier. This light coloring doesn’t do us any good if nobody can see anything, though. Bright lighting is essential for any bathroom. Not only to make space look larger but to see what you’re doing. Bathrooms are a space where we do a lot of important grooming, and not being able to see what you’re doing can result in a bunch of mistakes.

These are some pretty easy hacks to remodel your smaller bathroom to look bigger. An extra mirror somewhere, white coloring, and recessed shelving can all make that small bathroom look huge. Join us next time for some more remodeling tips, or maybe even some pictures from our latest one! We do good work in the North Idaho area and love to show it off. If you’re interested in seeing what we do or getting in touch with us, drop us a line!

Dream Bathroom Remodel Tips And Tricks 150 150 Johnathan

Dream Bathroom Remodel Tips And Tricks

The really fun part about owning a house is the sheer amount of customization available to you concerning every nook and cranny. From repainting a living room wall to spending 4 days touring the city looking for the perfect leather couch, designing your home is fun! Probably the most fun and exciting remodel is the bathroom. Designing your dream bathroom offers a wide variety of options and every one matters because we use our bathrooms so extensively. But before you enthusiastically break out the hammer and nails, let’s go over some tips to make your remodeling process cheaper, faster, and better.

1. Make A Budget And Stick To It.Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels can get expensive. The average remodel sets us back $9,000 in the U.S. While some cost as little as $2,500, the top end extends up to ten times that much at $25,000. Defining a budget will absolutely save you money, and also make all of your choices easier. Knowing how much money you’re allowed to throw at a project eliminates choices that are too expensive, but also lets you know where you can spend extra to avoid the bargain basement options. Absolutely feel free to call us for a 100% free consultation. Sean is one of the best installers in Coeur d’Alene and can help you with any remodeling questions you’ve got.

2. Only Change What You Have To.

This may seem like silly advice for a bathroom remodel, but I can actually save you thousands of dollars here. If your tub or sink only needs a small touchup or change to fit the rest of your design, then you should refinish it instead of straight-up replacing it. This could save you 75% or more on your costs for that specific part of your bathroom.
This also applies to your plumbing. Hidden pipes lead to hidden costs, and having to move plumbing around can put you over budget in no time. Switching your shower and toilet just may not be worth it, especially in a small bathroom. The combination of not moving things around and refinishing things that don’t need to be replaced really allows you to drop some cash on the focus of your project.

Bathroom Remodel3. Pay Attention To The Details.

Things such as shower handles, doorknobs, and light fixtures don’t cost a ton but really bring your dream bathroom remodel to life. Specific designs, even if they’re simple, can complement your choice in shower or mirror perfectly.
Another detail you cannot ignore is your ventilation. If you have any moisture just hanging around it will ruin your hard work and ruin it fast. Nothing makes a project more expensive than having to redo it or further fix in it a matter of months.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Call Monet!Bathroom Remodel

Being honest with ourselves is really important. I know when I first started working on my own stuff my eyes were a bit bigger
than my stomach and it ended up costing more money. We obviously don’t mind fixing anything you’ve made an error on, but it’s cheaper for you to have us do it in the first place. Discretion is the better part of valor, and your wallet will thank you for knowing when to call in the pros. I can guarantee the quality of Sean’s work, as well. Dude is amazing at what he does and I haven’t met anyone in the area better.
If you’ve got it, no sweat. Call us with questions or for any materials you may end up needing. At the end of the day, we put our customers first. I hope this has been helpful. Happy remodeling!

It’s Time To Talk Tile Texture 150 150 Johnathan

It’s Time To Talk Tile Texture

A few weeks ago we published an article assisting you in choosing the right tile for your home. This is a followup to go a bit more in-depth. There’s a lot that goes into the process of picking tile! Many people underestimate the plethora of options available to them when undertaking any kind of home improvement project. There are different kinds of hardwoods and finishings, carpet colors and materials, and tile colors and sizes. All of these choices can take hours to make, simply because of how much customization there is. Last time, we went over the color and size of your tiles. That’s not the end of the road, though. Choosing the texture of your tile allows you to show individuality.


Entryway TileTile can look however you want it to, really. There are a couple of factors that go into picking a tile texture: location and feel. The first one can actually be pretty pragmatic. Smooth white porcelain tile is a really classic look, but it can actually be kind of dangerous in the shower! Nobody wants to slip and fall, no matter how good your floor will look on the way down. Tiling with a bit more texture and grip can still look great, but allow you to walk without fear on wet surfaces.

An entryway, perhaps, could benefit from something smoother and easier to maintain. Perfectly smooth tile is really easy to
clean! A simple sweep and all of the dirt you’ve tracked in is gone. Choices like this are only the tip of the iceberg. Rugged tile adds a lot of character and spirit to any floor, but maybe it belongs in the family room or hallway. If you’re feeling a bit artistic, you can absolutely design aTile Pattern sweet mosaic for your living room floor. Tile can also look like wood, stone, or even metal! I’m
not any kind of interior design expert, nor do I know your personal preferences as a reader, but I can show you the choices.

At Monet floors, we’ve got experts on the floor to help you with these decisions. We also source our tile from some the best companies in the area. Whatever you decide to do, we can help!

Company Spotlight: Mohawk Flooring 150 150 Johnathan

Company Spotlight: Mohawk Flooring

The last company spotlight we did actually worked out pretty well, so it’s time for round 2! You’ve probably already heard of Mohawk Flooring thanks to them being the largest flooring company in the world. They’ve got carpet, tile, vinyl, rugs, anything you can think of, in a lot of different department stores around the world.

Mohawk FlooringThe other great thing about Mohawk is that their products are 100% assembled in the United States. They’re a trustworthy industry leader that invests their time and money into respectable areas as well. Mohawk offers 100’s of eco-friendly flooring options, like carpets and rugs made entirely from recycled materials. Not only that but their focus on being sustainable results in quality manufacturing practices and end-of-life recycling when you no longer need your carpet.


The main event, however, is discussing Mohawk’s impressive Smartstrand technology. The ease of cleaning wood or tile as opposed to carpet is the very common reasoning against using carpeting in your home. I delve into things a bit deeper here, but wood floors take a simple sweep or wipe to remove dirt and grime from your floor. The refinishing every so often keeps things nice and shiny. On the other hand, carpet absorbs stains and swallows dirt and occasionally can take some high-level vacuuming to keep looking brand new.

Not anymore.

Mohawk’s Smartstrand carpet honestly seems like wizardry. The Nanoloc technology from Dupont is a spill-shield substanceMohawk Flooring that actually allows the carpet to retain 0% moisture. I didn’t believe it either until I saw the video. Even the worst kinds of spills (wine, grape juice, anything tomato-based) simply require a wipe to clean up. Recently, Mohawk has even introduced the new Smartstrand Silk product. This carpet has all of the sturdiness and protection of Smartstrand built into an extremely soft silk product. 700 strands of silk-like, stain-resistant fibers are packed into each strand of carpet. This stuff feels like a cloud and can’t really be stained. It’s actually kind of absurd.

The moral of the story is: Mohawk is awesome. They’ve got a vision for how flooring should be done, and are more than willing to incorporate that vision into your life. Their willingness to help you with your plans and commitment to doing it in an eco-friendly and efficient fashion result in a quality company. We’re extremely proud to carry their product. Smartstrand even pushes the boundaries of what should be possible with carpet, removing a lot of the downsides of that flooring option. I’m personally excited to keep up with their newest product offerings, as I’m sure they’ll be revolutionizing something each step of the way.

Help Choosing The Right Tile 150 150 Johnathan

Help Choosing The Right Tile

It’s time to decide on the flooring for your new home, and you’ve found yourself at a crossroads. You need help with your tile! While it is fun to read about the road less traveled, I don’t know if I recommend it when it comes to your house. Though if you know what you’re doing, by all means, go for it! For everyone else, I’ve got some guidelines to help the tiling process along.

Tile is difficult because of just how many options there are. Size, color, materials, toughness, the list goes on and on. I can at least give you some more info so you both know what’s trendy and what may work in your house.


Were I to sum this up in one sentence, I would say “Bigger is better.” At least as far as what’s popular, anyway. The latest trends as far as tile go tend towards larger pieces for both flooring and walls. Having large pieces tend to make the space look…well…more spacious. While it’s difficult to have large slabs of wall tile, “8×10” and “8×12” are popular sizes for this and next year. Clean cut edges are common as well, perhaps to show a more professional/clean side. What’s popular doesn’t have to dictate what your kitchen looks like, though! If you’re interested in a cool pattern involving lots of little tiles, we’ll absolutely install that for you.


At the end of the day, your favorite color is your favorite color. However, I do have a couple of tips. Dark colors make space seem smaller. If you’re looking for a cozy and/or warm vibe, then you may want some dark tile for the floors and walls. On the other hand, light colors can really open it up. Your kitchen will seem absolutely massive if you have large, light-colored tiles. If you pick a neutral color like a beige or a black, it can go with just about anything. You’ll have a lot of freedom with your furniture or cabinetry colors. That’s not to say brighter or more “out there” colors are bad! If you like them and like how they fit in with your whole color scheme, they’ll be a great investment.

I’ll include the rest of my tile help in a later article, but this should be enough to get you started! At Monet Floors, we carry the top brands in the area and can give you endless advice on color, size, texture, design, brand. You name it, we can do it. Happy tiling!

Company Spotlight: United Tile 150 150 Johnathan

Company Spotlight: United Tile

At Monet Floors, we love the companies we get to work with. Something truly special happens when each company involved in a redesign truly cares about the customer. The most important aspect of any job, to us, is client satisfaction. We will always go through the home and make sure the flooring looks good. Going above and beyond is the name of the game here, and we’d like to recognize a few of the companies that help us do it!

First up is United Tile. We enjoy carrying their products and show their tile/stone designs on our showroom floor. The really nice part about these guys is how trendy they continue to be. We never have to worry about United Tile products seeming old, clunky, or out of date.


In addition to their great lineup of tile and stone, they’ve also got some high-quality hardwood! Aptly named, “Plank” is designed to look like handcrafted wood, despite its comparatively low cost. You can order this hardwood with custom color pairings, random widths (for that more natural look), or rustic distressed. Reclaimed hardwood is very popular right now, falling in line Monet Floorswith the many eco-friendly trends popping up in recent years. It’s both good for the conscience and good for the environment to floor your house in reclaimed wood.

Speaking of eco-friendly, one of my favorite things about United Tile is their dedication to clean energy. They partner with EPA Green Power and have significantly cut their energy costs. They also heavily invest in Pacific Northwest solar and wind power! At the end of the day, this is a company that truly cares about your home and its place in the environment.

Needless to say, we’re very proud to carry and sell United Tile products. They’re a great company that we can’t recommend enough! If you’re looking for new flooring, a quote, or even just some advice, get in touch with us! Customers come first at Monet Floors, and the more the merrier.

The Carpet Coloring Challenge 150 150 Johnathan

The Carpet Coloring Challenge

Congratulations! You’ve chosen the brand and type of carpet with which to cover your home! The upcoming choice is the even harder one, what color? The cooperation between furniture, carpet, and wall colors can have a huge effect on the mood of a room. I can’t tell you exactly what color to make your carpets, that bit is wholly up to you, but I can at least help you make the most informed decision possible.

Before we even get to the carpet we’ll need to choose the colors of the furniture in the room. Unless you’re getting chairs and couches custom made, the color selection is going to be pretty limited. It’s best to get the limited choice out of the way first because it’s much less likely that you’ll be able to pick out a sofa to match the carpet as opposed to the other way around.Carpet Color


Carpet Color Time

Now that you’ve got your furniture all picked out, let’s get to the whole reason you came here, the carpet! So much about a room can be determined by the color and style of the carpet. You’ll definitely want to identify the purpose of the room you’re carpeting before making anything final. Light colors can really open up a room and make it feel spacious. Darker colors will make a room feel smaller and cozier. Neutral colors such as beiges and creams will really go with anything, but bright colors can make a room pop, making a statement.

A heavily trafficked room will accrue a lot of dirt, so maybe avoid bright whites unless you feel like putting in the hours to keep it clean. Darker and patterned carpets hide dirty really well and should maybe be considered for these areas. However, dark carpets show fluff pretty easily and need to be vacuumed more frequently. You can decide on the wall paint color(s) later since paint can come in virtually any shade and can be tailored to match your floor and furniture.

I know that was a lot. To recap, figure out A) the color of your furniture, B) the mood you want for your room and C) how much traffic is going through. After that, bring a color wheel to your local professionals and get carpeting!

Fight of the Finishes 150 150 Johnathan

Fight of the Finishes

Taking proper care of your hardwood floors involves refinishing every ten years or so. How often you need to refinish your floors and the process involved depends on which of the two compounds you choose to put down; Oil-based polyurethane(poly) or water-based poly. Each type of poly has different pros and cons and can be the best for a given situation. They have different Oil-based polyurethaneprice points, should be applied to different floors, and take different amounts of time to dry. Depending on how important each of these facets is to your specific situation, you may want to choose oil or water based poly to refinish your floors.


The Comparison

First, and maybe most importantly, water-based polyurethane is two to three times more expensive than oil based poly. It has fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds), smells less, and is clear. The higher price point is amplified by the fact that you need more layers of the poly to protect your floor, thanks to the more watery composition. Whether or not you’re getting what you pay for is really determined by how important the advantages of water-based poly are to you.

Water-based polyurethaneThe entire process of applying water-based polyurethane to your floor takes far less time than its oil-based counterpart. Up to four coats of water-based poly can be applied in one day, whilst oil based poly can be only be applied once every 24 hours. Another 24 is needed before you can walk on your newly refinished floors with socks on. The wait is quite worth it, however, since generally oil-based poly is more durable and lasts longer. It takes a top of the line water poly (the Bona brand is often cited) to compete.


The Choice

The type of wood floor you have is the other important factor to take into account. When deciding between refinishing products, oil-based polyurethane slightly yellows with age over time, while water goes on clear. For a majority of wood products the yellowing is rather indistinguishable, but for maplewood or white/grey washed floors I would highly recommend using water-based poly.

In general, I would recommend going withan oil-based polyurethane. The overall refinishing quality and durability are much higher. For specific situations, however, I would say to go with water-poly. If you own a business and closing shop for more than a day or two is a serious hit, then go with the quick option. The same goes for very light colored wood floors; oil would yellow over time which can look pretty gross. Like I said earlier, there isn’t a right or wrong answer every time. Figure out your situation and make the most informed call! We’ll be there to help no matter which one you pick.


Can I Change the Color of my Hardwood Floors? 150 150 Johnathan

Can I Change the Color of my Hardwood Floors?

Many homeowners are delighted to hear that the answer is “yes, you can” to this question. The variety of hardwood options available to you depends on the floor in your home. Lighter woods such as pine, oak, and maple can be stained a wider array of colors. The natural color of the wood is the lightest you can go without bleaching or whitewashing your floors.


How To:

Sanding HardwoodThere is a process of course. There’s always a process. In order to recolor your hardwood floors, you’ll need to sand them before refinishing them. Using a glaze is an easier alternative to refinishing but should only be done if the sanding/refinishing process is simply not possible for you. To apply a glaze, you’ll skip the sanding and simply run a buffer over the floor to prepare it. This process is called “screening.” The resulting color is more difficult to predict because it will be a mixture of the glaze and the already-present stain. It also doesn’t last nearly as long as a proper refinish, peeling off after a while and leaving ugly marks in its wake.

Sanding the floor takes off the existing stain and finish, giving you the natural wood to work with. Sanding also gives a perfectly smooth surface that can propely accept the later applications of polyurethane and maybe a stain. A stain will allow you to darken the color of the wood to exactly what you want. After the stain, apply water or oil-based pol;yurethane to refinish your hardwood floors. Check out my article on which poly may be best for your situation here.

How light or dark you decide to go with this process is entirely up to you. It’s poissible to stain your floors as dark as you want to go, or perhaps whitewash your floors to get them lighter than their natural color. What you decide to do depends on the rest of your decor and what you’re feeling, but the moral of the story is that with the right supplies and professionals, your hardwood floor can be as light or dark as you want it to be!

Carpet or Hardwood? 150 150 Johnathan

Carpet or Hardwood?

New homeowner? Or simply remodeling and taking a second look at those old floors? I know this choice is one of the hardest to make when it comes to making your dream home look like, well, your dreams. Because everyone’s needs are different, I can’t just straight up tell you the best option to put under your feet. However, I may be able to point you in the right direction. The two most popular flooring choices are hardwood and carpet, so we’ll focus on those two. The other kinds of flooring will most certainly get their time in the spotlight in another segment. Let’s begin!


Soft Carpet

Monet FloorsAh, carpet. Soft, comfortable, and warm. A favorite for many, you’ll find carpet covering the bottom of a majority of homes. It’s quite the popular pick for a few reasons, primarily of which is the comfort. Carpet is soft under bare feet, which has major upsoides. Not only do you not need to wear a pair of slippers to comfortably exit your bed in the morning, but dropping your phone on the way out isn’t a death sentence for your wallet. Carpet’s soft texture is not only comfortable but safe as well. It can cushion falls and drops while providing a pretty safe space for small animals or children.

It’s also nice and quiet. NRC means Noise Reduction Coefficient, and can be used to describe how much noise carpet absorbs. Most carpets have an NRC of around .35, meaning 35% of most sounds is absorbed and not reflected, resulting in a quieter home for both you and your upstairs/downstairs neighbors. For rooms where a high schooler may be learning/practicing the drums, I’d recommend carpet over the almost perfectly sound reflective hardwood.

Unfortunately, carpet isn’t all upside. You knew this was coming, right? It can get pretty dirty comparablee to hardwood. A simple sweep every day does a majority of the cleaning work when it comes to your wood floors. Carpet, on the other hand, needs vacuuming and shampooing and even then sometimes not everything is out. Carpet also stains a lot more easily from spills/pet urine than most hardwoods. Depending on the allergies of the people in your home, this can be a problem, or at least something that requires a lot of maintenance.



Hardwood floors make a huge statement in your home. They are often seen as high end, luxurious, and bold. Flooring your home with all-natural hardwood is also great for the environment.Monet Floors Trees can be replanted and are a naturally occurring resource. A majority of carpet is made from petroleum; a very limited and very unnatural material. Hardwood floors can be refinished after damage simply by sanding down past the damage and reapplying the stain. This longevity is appealing to many people, making a hardwood floor installment a decades-long investment with the proper care.

At the end of the day, both options are extremely valid for different situations. Check us out if you’ve made any kind of decision! Carpet is much cheaper and easier but also requires more work to keep clean. Hardwood is impressive and timeless but is also a bit more of a financial investment. In the future, I’ll be writing about specific rooms of the house, but hopefully this is enough food for thought until then.