Three Easy Remodeling Hacks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Three Easy Remodeling Hacks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Three Easy Remodeling Hacks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger 150 150 Johnathan

So it’s time for a bathroom remodel and yours is just too small. It’s not always easy to just knock down some walls in your home and make the bathroom bigger. Actually, this is just not an option most of the time. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your small bathroom seem much much bigger with just a few changes. Keep these in mind the next time you’re planning a small bathroom remodel.


We all know that mirrors belong in the bathroom. The obvious reasons are for makeup, shaving, doing your hair, checkingbigmirrorbathroom yourself out before a party (or during the party if you’re hosting), etc. Mirrors serve another pretty cool purpose, though. A mirror in any room in your house makes that room seem a lot bigger. Some glass above the sink with which to do your makeup and maybe one more floor mirror for clothing or full body viewing can add a ton of visual space to your bathroom.

Recess Time

recessed bathroom mirrorShelves take up so much more space than we actually realize. You can’t stand there or put anything else there. There are some really innovative ways to remove shelving, however, and my favorite is simply just building recesses into the walls of your bathroom. Not only do you save space by not having to build shelves out into the space of the bathroom, but it looks extremely modern as well. Recessed shelves are also great for the shower. You no longer need to worry about knocking shampoo bottles over and your stuff gets to stay dry. In addition to the recessed shelving, a curved shower rod will actually add a bunch of space to your shower as well. It requires actual screws into the wall(as opposed to just being a tension rod), but this means you don’t need to worry about weight pulling it down.


White or light colors make spaces feel bigger. Using white or cream-colored tiles for your floors and wall can make a bathroom far more spacious. This is magnified by the mirrors we mentioned earlier. This light coloring doesn’t do us any good if nobody can see anything, though. Bright lighting is essential for any bathroom. Not only to make space look larger but to see what you’re doing. Bathrooms are a space where we do a lot of important grooming, and not being able to see what you’re doing can result in a bunch of mistakes.

These are some pretty easy hacks to remodel your smaller bathroom to look bigger. An extra mirror somewhere, white coloring, and recessed shelving can all make that small bathroom look huge. Join us next time for some more remodeling tips, or maybe even some pictures from our latest one! We do good work in the North Idaho area and love to show it off. If you’re interested in seeing what we do or getting in touch with us, drop us a line!

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