Dream Bathroom Remodel Tips And Tricks

Dream Bathroom Remodel Tips And Tricks

Dream Bathroom Remodel Tips And Tricks 150 150 Johnathan

The really fun part about owning a house is the sheer amount of customization available to you concerning every nook and cranny. From repainting a living room wall to spending 4 days touring the city looking for the perfect leather couch, designing your home is fun! Probably the most fun and exciting remodel is the bathroom. Designing your dream bathroom offers a wide variety of options and every one matters because we use our bathrooms so extensively. But before you enthusiastically break out the hammer and nails, let’s go over some tips to make your remodeling process cheaper, faster, and better.

1. Make A Budget And Stick To It.Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels can get expensive. The average remodel sets us back $9,000 in the U.S. While some cost as little as $2,500, the top end extends up to ten times that much at $25,000. Defining a budget will absolutely save you money, and also make all of your choices easier. Knowing how much money you’re allowed to throw at a project eliminates choices that are too expensive, but also lets you know where you can spend extra to avoid the bargain basement options. Absolutely feel free to call us for a 100% free consultation. Sean is one of the best installers in Coeur d’Alene and can help you with any remodeling questions you’ve got.

2. Only Change What You Have To.

This may seem like silly advice for a bathroom remodel, but I can actually save you thousands of dollars here. If your tub or sink only needs a small touchup or change to fit the rest of your design, then you should refinish it instead of straight-up replacing it. This could save you 75% or more on your costs for that specific part of your bathroom.
This also applies to your plumbing. Hidden pipes lead to hidden costs, and having to move plumbing around can put you over budget in no time. Switching your shower and toilet just may not be worth it, especially in a small bathroom. The combination of not moving things around and refinishing things that don’t need to be replaced really allows you to drop some cash on the focus of your project.

Bathroom Remodel3. Pay Attention To The Details.

Things such as shower handles, doorknobs, and light fixtures don’t cost a ton but really bring your dream bathroom remodel to life. Specific designs, even if they’re simple, can complement your choice in shower or mirror perfectly.
Another detail you cannot ignore is your ventilation. If you have any moisture just hanging around it will ruin your hard work and ruin it fast. Nothing makes a project more expensive than having to redo it or further fix in it a matter of months.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Call Monet!Bathroom Remodel

Being honest with ourselves is really important. I know when I first started working on my own stuff my eyes were a bit bigger
than my stomach and it ended up costing more money. We obviously don’t mind fixing anything you’ve made an error on, but it’s cheaper for you to have us do it in the first place. Discretion is the better part of valor, and your wallet will thank you for knowing when to call in the pros. I can guarantee the quality of Sean’s work, as well. Dude is amazing at what he does and I haven’t met anyone in the area better.
If you’ve got it, no sweat. Call us with questions or for any materials you may end up needing. At the end of the day, we put our customers first. I hope this has been helpful. Happy remodeling!

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