Company Spotlight: Mohawk Flooring

Company Spotlight: Mohawk Flooring

Company Spotlight: Mohawk Flooring 150 150 Johnathan

The last company spotlight we did actually worked out pretty well, so it’s time for round 2! You’ve probably already heard of Mohawk Flooring thanks to them being the largest flooring company in the world. They’ve got carpet, tile, vinyl, rugs, anything you can think of, in a lot of different department stores around the world.

Mohawk FlooringThe other great thing about Mohawk is that their products are 100% assembled in the United States. They’re a trustworthy industry leader that invests their time and money into respectable areas as well. Mohawk offers 100’s of eco-friendly flooring options, like carpets and rugs made entirely from recycled materials. Not only that but their focus on being sustainable results in quality manufacturing practices and end-of-life recycling when you no longer need your carpet.


The main event, however, is discussing Mohawk’s impressive Smartstrand technology. The ease of cleaning wood or tile as opposed to carpet is the very common reasoning against using carpeting in your home. I delve into things a bit deeper here, but wood floors take a simple sweep or wipe to remove dirt and grime from your floor. The refinishing every so often keeps things nice and shiny. On the other hand, carpet absorbs stains and swallows dirt and occasionally can take some high-level vacuuming to keep looking brand new.

Not anymore.

Mohawk’s Smartstrand carpet honestly seems like wizardry. The Nanoloc technology from Dupont is a spill-shield substanceMohawk Flooring that actually allows the carpet to retain 0% moisture. I didn’t believe it either until I saw the video. Even the worst kinds of spills (wine, grape juice, anything tomato-based) simply require a wipe to clean up. Recently, Mohawk has even introduced the new Smartstrand Silk product. This carpet has all of the sturdiness and protection of Smartstrand built into an extremely soft silk product. 700 strands of silk-like, stain-resistant fibers are packed into each strand of carpet. This stuff feels like a cloud and can’t really be stained. It’s actually kind of absurd.

The moral of the story is: Mohawk is awesome. They’ve got a vision for how flooring should be done, and are more than willing to incorporate that vision into your life. Their willingness to help you with your plans and commitment to doing it in an eco-friendly and efficient fashion result in a quality company. We’re extremely proud to carry their product. Smartstrand even pushes the boundaries of what should be possible with carpet, removing a lot of the downsides of that flooring option. I’m personally excited to keep up with their newest product offerings, as I’m sure they’ll be revolutionizing something each step of the way.

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