Carpet or Hardwood?

Carpet or Hardwood?

Carpet or Hardwood? 150 150 Johnathan

New homeowner? Or simply remodeling and taking a second look at those old floors? I know this choice is one of the hardest to make when it comes to making your dream home look like, well, your dreams. Because everyone’s needs are different, I can’t just straight up tell you the best option to put under your feet. However, I may be able to point you in the right direction. The two most popular flooring choices are hardwood and carpet, so we’ll focus on those two. The other kinds of flooring will most certainly get their time in the spotlight in another segment. Let’s begin!


Soft Carpet

Monet FloorsAh, carpet. Soft, comfortable, and warm. A favorite for many, you’ll find carpet covering the bottom of a majority of homes. It’s quite the popular pick for a few reasons, primarily of which is the comfort. Carpet is soft under bare feet, which has major upsoides. Not only do you not need to wear a pair of slippers to comfortably exit your bed in the morning, but dropping your phone on the way out isn’t a death sentence for your wallet. Carpet’s soft texture is not only comfortable but safe as well. It can cushion falls and drops while providing a pretty safe space for small animals or children.

It’s also nice and quiet. NRC means Noise Reduction Coefficient, and can be used to describe how much noise carpet absorbs. Most carpets have an NRC of around .35, meaning 35% of most sounds is absorbed and not reflected, resulting in a quieter home for both you and your upstairs/downstairs neighbors. For rooms where a high schooler may be learning/practicing the drums, I’d recommend carpet over the almost perfectly sound reflective hardwood.

Unfortunately, carpet isn’t all upside. You knew this was coming, right? It can get pretty dirty comparablee to hardwood. A simple sweep every day does a majority of the cleaning work when it comes to your wood floors. Carpet, on the other hand, needs vacuuming and shampooing and even then sometimes not everything is out. Carpet also stains a lot more easily from spills/pet urine than most hardwoods. Depending on the allergies of the people in your home, this can be a problem, or at least something that requires a lot of maintenance.



Hardwood floors make a huge statement in your home. They are often seen as high end, luxurious, and bold. Flooring your home with all-natural hardwood is also great for the environment.Monet Floors Trees can be replanted and are a naturally occurring resource. A majority of carpet is made from petroleum; a very limited and very unnatural material. Hardwood floors can be refinished after damage simply by sanding down past the damage and reapplying the stain. This longevity is appealing to many people, making a hardwood floor installment a decades-long investment with the proper care.

At the end of the day, both options are extremely valid for different situations. Check us out if you’ve made any kind of decision! Carpet is much cheaper and easier but also requires more work to keep clean. Hardwood is impressive and timeless but is also a bit more of a financial investment. In the future, I’ll be writing about specific rooms of the house, but hopefully this is enough food for thought until then.

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