Hardwood floors Need Lovin’ Too

Hardwood floors Need Lovin’ Too

Hardwood floors Need Lovin’ Too 150 150 Johnathan

5 Easy Tips to Care for your Hardwood floors

how-to-clean-hardwoodAs robust, sleek, and strong as hardwood floors can appear at first glance, they need to be dutifully cared for to keep all those adjectives relevant for as long as possible. From small scratches and dulling to widening gaps, issues can plague your beautiful wooden floors if you don’t provide the proper hardwood care and maintenance. Here’s an easy list of do’s and don’ts to keep your floors fancy.

Do: Throw a rug in front of each entrance to your home. Even the smallest amount of dirt, twigs, or just general debris stuck to your shoes will scratch at the floor over time. A rug at the door and an easy stomp when you come in from outside will do a surprising amount to prevent those tiny accumulated scratches from ruining the sheen on your lovely wood floors.

Don’t: Wear high heels or cleats on your wood floor. The math here is actually pretty simple. Sure human beings only weigh one or two hundred pounds, but that weight applies more pressure than we think when it’s all focused on our feet. The multiplication gets even crazier when we focus even further onto the fine needle points that are high heels or sports cleats. We’re talking thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch; definitely not something you want on your hardwood floors. Tiny dents can form, and over time they’ll turn into something larger and quite visible. Leave them at the door, next to the rugs!

Hardwood Floors Do: Wipe up any liquid spills immediately. Water and wood are a bad combination, this much is some pretty common knowledge. Any amount of water sitting on the wood for even a short period of time can soak in and immediately start causing some damage. Stains don’t look great and neither does your wood buckling. Let’s not even mention the extreme case of rotting wood! I can sneak a Don’t in this category too, as it’s pretty relaxed. Don’t steam clean or wet mop your wood floors. Water is such a bad idea.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Keep those wood floors looking lovely, and check in every week for more easy care tips! For more information contact us directly!

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